Largest collection of cupcakes in Anchorage

400 varieties of frosted cupcake goodness

Have your cAKe and eat it too … all in one sitting. That’s the beauty behind our made-from-scratch cupcakes in Anchorage. These portion-controlled sweet treats fit in the palm of your hand and go down with less guilt.

While we make 400 varieties of cupcakes in our bakery, you can typically find at least three versions on our counter.

Black Forest, Key Lime, Chocolate Salted Caramel and Irish Creme cupcakes stacked on our counter at cAKe
The cucpcake stack on Saturday, August 31

Some of our favorites include Red Velvet with a cream cheese frosting and our delicious Lemon Lavender cupcakes; not too tangy not to sweet. Maybe you prefer our signature Champagne Cupcake base with either a strawberry or raspberry buttercream frosting. And, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find our Coconut Rum cupcake on the rack!

Supersize Your Cupcake

Love the cupcakes you just devoured in our Anchorage shop and wish they could be BIGGER? They can! We can transform all our cupcake flavors into one of our famous signature celebration cakes for any occasion! Some of our most popular are the Champagne, Chocolate Merlot, Red Velvet and Carrot cakes.

History of the Cupcake

Cover of the 1796 cookbook, "American Cookery"
American Cookery

While it wasn’t exactly referenced by name, the cupcake was first mentioned in 1796 in “American Cookery.” The cookbook, written by Amelia Simmons, includes ingredients to make “a light cake to be baked in small cups”

“American Cookery” was named by the Library of Congress as one of the 88 “Books That Shaped America.” It’s the first cookbook by an American author published in the United States. 

cAKe’s Coordinates

A Chocolate Raspberry cupcake at Alaska Cake Studio
Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

You can find us inside the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall. Enter at the 5th and D entrance and we’re the first shop on your right, between JC Penny and Wells Fargo.

We’re open Monday through Saturday from 9a to 9p and Sunday from 11a to 6p.  We can’t wait to welcome you inside our world and treat you like family…with cupcAKes.

See you soon!
Will & Bill