Local Alaskan Coffee


Whether you want coffee with your cake or a coffee cake, we have you covered!

Local, pan roasted coffee served daily in our dowtown bakery.


We began serving Uncle Leroy’s coffee a little over two years ago.  Local owner Austin Schwartz came into our 
store one day and pitched his coffee he was locally roasting here in Anchorage.

Uncle Leroy’s story began locally on a 1968 blue bus where he was roasting coffee in small batches in a skillet!  Nowadays Austin is roasting his rustic coffee’s in larger batches using propane roasters in his new brick and mortar
store here in Midtown Anchorage.

When Uncle Leroy approached us to see if we would be interested in carrying his coffee as our house blends to serve to our customers, he was wanting to branch out from his bus to local shops.  Austin stated he wanted to find a
max of five stores to place his coffee’s in and thought we be a perfect fit. 

As business owners, we were always looking for locally made or sourced items for our shop.  We felt this would be a perfect addition to our store and keep the Alaskan tradition alive of placing value first on local made and second
keeping in the spirit of how Alaska prospered….by extending a helping hand to those starting out in the last frontier!

We set up a sample night for one of our first Friday’s to get feedback from our customers.  The customers all loved the coffee.  We loved the coffee.  We asked to have a Sumatra for our drip coffee and an asked if he could create an Italian roast for our espresso.

Austin said he must do some research on the Italian roast but felt confident he could produce the proper blend we were wanting for the espresso; and boy did he!  It was the perfect roast for our products. We asked for the exclusivity
of the Italian roast and was granted this honor. 

So, cAKe Studio, then became the first brick and mortar to feature Uncle Leroy’s coffee as our preferred coffee in house. 

A decision we have never regretted. 

In the years since we made the switch to Uncle Leroy’s we have never had a complaint about the coffee we serve!

The Italian Roast has a dark roast level and is a sweet blend with caramel and nutty dark chocolate undertones. 
Great for espresso or an evening cup of coffee paired with dessert.

Our Sumatra Roast in a medium fair-trade organic coffee with Deep and pungently spicy in the aroma with papaya and chocolate notes. In the cup medium-bodied, richly low-toned, and complexly fruity: papaya and black cherry
with a dry chocolate edge.

Both the Italian Roast and the Sumatra Roast pair wonderfully with all our sliced cakes, bourbon walnut tarts, and
our desserts.

If you are looking for an Alaskan Roasted coffee, a locally owned business,  then honestly you don’t need to go any further than cAKe or Uncle Leroy’s to find the best in the state.