One-of-a-kind Anchorage Dessert

A unique, pocket-sized treat

cAKe Studio’s Bourbon Walnut Tart

cAKe Founder Will McDonald says he doesn’t have a favorite dessert to make, but most certainly has a favorite to devour. That would be the Bourbon Walnut Tart. It’s a one-of-a-kind Anchorage dessert you’ll only find at cAKe Studio.

“It’s just a little bit of sweetness and it fits in your pocket, on the go.” said McDonald, who is also cAKe’s Co-Owner and Executive Pastry Chef.

The Bourbon Walnut Tart was inspired by the Kentucky Derby Pie. The Bluegrass State’s popular treat typically includes chocolate chips and pecans. According to this FOXLexington news report, “only chocolate nut pie from Kern’s Kitchen can legally be called “Derby Pie.” So, now you know.

OK. Back to our delicious version, which replaces the pecans with walnuts and adds bourbon, among some other twists.

“We use a buttery shortbread base, so it’s going to be really soft and crumbly as you bite into it, versus the chewy texture of a pie dough,” Will explained. “And then we use, or as we call it, our ‘bourbon goo.’ So we take bourbon and we add it to a basic pecan pie goo, then we fold in the walnuts. But not English walnuts, because those are bitter. We use a regular walnut.”

Chef’s Favorite Dessert: Bourbon Walnut Tart 2-Pack

How to make this Anchorage dessert at home!

Ha! Good luck getting all the ingredients out of Will. Like a magician, a Pastry Chef never reveals their secrets, or gives out their tricks!

Personal note from the blog writer: I tried, numerous times to get the ingredients out of Will. He wouldn’t budge. He did say, sarcastically, “The ingredients are 907-272-3995. You can also get them at cAKe Studio inside the 5th Avenue Mall. It comes pre-made for you and away you go.”

Personal Size

Unlike the full-size Kentucky Derby Pie, we created the Bourbon Walnut Tart to be something that you can grab and go. There are many benefits to this approach. First, there’s less guilt than eating an entire pie. Second, the personal-size of this dessert offers you the aiblity to easily hide it for yourself. No one else has to know. If you’re more into sharing, we sell them in two packs as well.

Warm it Up!

Sure, you could eat it right out of the box and love every bite. But if you really want the full Bourbon Walnut Tart experience, Will offers a simple suggestion. “They’re nice if you warm them up just slightly. It just gives it another dimension and opens up those flavors.”

Three Ways to Get Yours

  1. Stop in to cAKe inside the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall. The Bourbon Walnut Tarts are available 365 days a year.
  2. Order online at
  3. Place your order by phone: 907-272-3995