Catering,  A Tasteful Affair

More than just cake.

We hand create custom menus for every event of every size.

Full Service Catering, Anchorage, Alaska.

Big City Taste - Small Town Appeal.

We provide full-service catering. Catered orders are always custom made fresh in our commercial kitchen.

Chef William McDonald and his team of artists comprise our award-winning team of caterers serving Alaska.

    Do you have a special occasion coming up?

    Catering in Anchorage, Alaska

    We provide full service catering. 

    Pick up your catering order from our store in the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall,

    Have your catering delivered and you set up catering as desired,

    Have your catering delivered and our team of caterers set up the venue,

    Host a catered party with a full wait staff so that you can entertain, and our team of professional caterers will take care of the needs of your guests.

    Catering for Specialty Diets

    If you have special dietary considerations to make as part of your catering, please let us know.

    We are happy to accommodate a variety of options.

    As a professional catering service, we can accommodate a variety of dietary preferences when building your catering menu.

    Our bakery regularly carries both gluten free and vegan options for our clientele.

    If you are looking to design a catering menu that accommodates  dietary restrictions, please let us know.

    There are no additional fees associated with menu planning when you have hired our team of caterers.

    Professional Catering

    No matter the size of your party: social or corporate parties, we will make your event both elegant and personal. We believe that to make food exquisite; you have to begin with the freshest ingredients possible and incorporate old-world recipes with a modern flare.

    Our culinary artists are professionally trained, and we maintain our reputation for providing exquisite foods for a fair cost.

    We cater to events for small groups and families who want to spend less time in the kitchen over the holidays and more time with one another. Many people enjoy ordering catering for special occasions and holidays.

    Best Catering in Anchorage, Alaska

    When you order catering from the Alaska Cake studio, your items are all made to order. We use the real ingredients and make all items from scratch in our professional catering kitchen.

    Catering from the Alaska Cake Studio "cAKe" means that you are not ordering pre-made foods coming out of a cardboard box. After all, if you wanted pre-made, frozen foods, you wouldn't inquire about catering; you would just hit your local Costco store.

    Add On to Your Catering

    Many of our hosts/hostesses and event planners enjoy adding a homemade Quiche to their "day of" or "day-after" party order because... entertaining can be exhausting!

    No matter the size of your party, when you are hiring a caterer, you need to be able to trust them to ensure that your venue is handled professionally.

    If you have a handful of people or hundreds of people to entertain, when you hire the Alaska Cake Studio, you can trust that the catering is being professionally handled.

    The Alaska Cake Studio "cAKe" is a Veteran Owned business that has the kitchen space, skill set, and employees to be able to handle the catering needs of all venues. When you choose our catering services for your parties, you can trust that someone isn't making the items from a home kitchen and run the risk of them not being able to get everything done in time for your party.

    In our store, located in the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall in downtown Anchorage we always have a variety of freshly made bakery items available, including a variety of gluten-free and vegan baked goods, as well. If you would like to add additional baked items or something from our gluten-free and vegan selections to your catering order, please let us know.

    Most Popular Items

    We have a selection of our most popular items available online.

    If you need assistance designing your catering menu, our team of culinary artists is happy to work with you.